Network marketing truth. What you are up against. 



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Network marketing truth. What you are up against.

Network marketing concept has been around for years. The sad part about it is that over the years become stigmatized in a very negative light. This is directly the fault of bad leadership within companies. On the contrary, It has created a great divide between pro and con. One camp says that all MLM companies are scams and may come up with some rhetoric in a attempt to prove their case usually pointing out to an article how most lose money at it. The other camp will openly speak out in defense of network marketing, and in some cases rationalize the art of self denial of why theirs is not a scam. The end result is becoming an apologist for unethical marketing tactics that some companies utilize to sell them selves. It only has further deepened the great divide against pro verses con to cause most non participants to bastardize MLM all together.

Much of this has been the result of less than savory MLM companies who have operated on the unethical side of business in the past present and more than likely the future, in which the some of the fees paid by distributors were more like a money pit. The main problem area is that the product claims made by a large number of MLM's border on fraudulent and deceptive advertising. Last thought is the poor leadership within the Network marketing organization.




Pushy people that don't know how to sell and think that handing someone a brochure is selling. Believe me its amateurish. Other marketers may rationalize silly concepts in some other articles. However the bottom line of explaining to everyone how you hate selling is purely a amateur move. The concept of sharing and exposing people to the business have become a bit diluted.  There is much to learn with the process of selling. It will not happen over night.

People in network marketing often feel compelled that everyone should be selling their product and even though you say you're happy doing what you're doing; they don't really listen. Isn't that more like over promising and under delivering?

Assuming older companies are more trustworthy and more profitable is most likely a common marketing mistake.  Because they have been around for a while does not make them trustworthy. Many network marketers have made the blunder of assumptions of longevity  is generally fool hardy because established companies are known to have dishonesty when it comes to direct sales. Bottom line, a network marketer should never Make assumptions under any circumstances.

Carnival barker  P.T. Barnum and once said "There's a sucker born every minute." Those who buy into this hype don't think critically through. You will encounter these types in your MLM journey at variable times. And with the dumbing down in America. There seem to be a lot more who can't seem to think for themselves. They subscribe to the group think type of terminology. It doesn't matter what company it is as long everything feels good.The basic problem in this kind of marketing are the people being attracted to it. A vast majority of them  don't seem to have the ambition to promote it nor advertise it. They sit back to let others do the work.. Other problems come in the lack of full understanding. Naysayers will be quick to call it a pyramid scheme without understanding what is a pyramid scheme to begin with. A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business that involves the exchange of money, usually in the form of a sign-up fee, and  has no product or service. Multi-level marketing companies follow a similar concept to a pyramid scheme, which is a reason for most of the confusion, except that two significant differences exist. Sad thing is that people do not understand the difference between the two. Not even government as a whole gets it either.


You will encounter people that are consumed with greed that just seem to dribble unrealistic propaganda. They latch on to businesses that have unethical Compensation.plans. You will find that they lack some moral fiber along with ethics lacking principles. There will be some marketers that will give the impression of fast riches over night. Like the person will be in positive cash flow within a few months, right? I like to stress that it doesn't always happen. More over thing to expect to spend a little money at it advertising it and promoting it.  Expect it to take a few to 3 years for it to make you decant cash flow



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