About us

 Since losing my main flagship products back in 2005 in my self employment venture with Concerned Citizens International. They provided pretty good promotion resources. I have net been in MLM since then til 2013. First things first. I am not going to tell you which Network marketing company is worthwhile. You have to do back round research yourself. And I am certainly not going to blindly join some network marketing business because I want to earn a living By throwing my high standards out the window. I take my ethics and high morals very seriously. Many of them you will find  right now are going rah rah rah  join my business because its the best thing since sliced turkey. Many of them have no clue  to the reality of conducting business. Most all haven't done a good enough investigating of doing diligence.


However, reviewing the facts on Network marketing I have laid out for you. It may give you some pointers on avoiding the mistakes and blunders I have made.  Its been a long road since 2000 and still is.  Although we deal with loss throughout our lives such as job loss, when friendships go sour. Companies  go into bankruptcy and then close up shop.



This website acknowledges the pure strength of Christian principles on holding to  a moral conviction which makes us unique to which we make a distinction between right and wrong.  How one must use this strength depends on how they accept and hold on to biblical teachings. Although there are basic principles of business philosophy. It is focusing on the customer by giving a high priority to what the customer basically needs are. Also it  Is implementing a given direction of where the company wants to go then on. It then must then adopt a proven strategy  which enables to survive through longevity by hiring the right kind of talent of like minded business leaders. If companies do not find the strong leaders it needs to survive. It will then go into failure.  Since there are ongoing discussions of biblical principles. inspired individuals must discern true Christianity from False Doctrine. further reading here will give you more understanding how the major religions of the world turned to follow doctrines of men. This should not be taken likely or disregarded since there are many of the large organized religions have departed from their faith many centuries ago.  When things don't get built on a solid foundation. It is sure to crumble.


Poverty around America along with the world taken a tremendous undertaking to make attempts to combat it much less eliminated it all together, what is need is to give hope to those who have lost all hope, to offer practical help by providing desperately needed benefits, and helping to secure homes, education and job-training for those whose needs are urgent. However, the most of the governments do is to throw money at it. bring about programs that help the needy, the homeless, the unemployed. which in truth is the programs offer a incomplete temporary solutions causing a complete failure to help. In retrospect it drives them into financial bondage


There has to be a commitment to have an open mind and change the perception of poverty to how such a destructive lifestyle  can lead to of being in a impoverished


Encourage Activism and Support: Get involved with public community outreach organizations and take  stand  for the children not just children who are impoverished put families that have fallen through the cracks as result of red tape through government programs. There must be an understanding of awareness that Out of all the government programs providing aid. Let the truth be known that the government programs of entitlements are keeping families, individuals and children in financial bondage. However This site does not support activism that only feed the hungry without teaching the hungry  how to support themselves. To be self sufficient and able to provide for themselves.  We as concerned citizens should be empowered by an old Chinese proverb " Give man a fish you feed him for a day. but teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime"  It is unfortunate that most good will organizations are not taking a lead by following through with the wisdom that gives empowerment.

It is the motivation of this website is to provide the less fortunate a way out of financial bondage by empowering them to a better way of life.  That is not done through government handouts. That is not done through endless failed community programs where families and individuals fall though the cracks. It is imperative for this website to provide meaningful education for  individuals who are struggling business owners looking for ways to promote their business. To give them useful products and services that are proven.